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Family Party: Fitness Fun™ is the ultimate fitness game for kids. Designed for kids to play simultaneously with their parents, Fitness Fun features 30 multiplayer sports, party games, and Wii Balance Board activities. It puts the fun in Fitness!


Total variety. A unique combination of sport, party, and playground activities that put the Fun in Fitness

30 unique activities, including trampolines, skydiving, volleyball, basketball, racquetball, and even mental exercises

Timed workout mode lets players create a nonstop exercise series

All games available for up to 4 players

Fitness rewards including rankings, high scores, and medals

Wii Balance Board mode! Roll giant balls, ride a hoverboard, participate in step workouts, and more in 10 games featuring Wii Balance Board (optional)

Balance Board multiplayer lets parents motivate kids through simultaneous gameplay

Wii Balance Board™ accessory sold separately with Wii Fit Plus™.